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Venice Lagoon Poles

These historical wooden poles delimit the navigable channels of the Venice lagoon.
is their Italian name.

Briccole davanti al Ponte di Rialto

Venice wooden poles are immersed in sea waters for a long time. They are perforated by shipworms, small mollusks that sculpt the wood creating unrepeatable embroideries.
After about five-ten years, the removal and replacement of these poles is ordered by the responsible of lagoon’s protection, the Magistrate of Venice Waters.
The disused poles find a new refined life in BRICALE™ design furniture.

Precious material

Venetian Briccola wood is a noble natural material: absolutely unique in the world, inimitable and increasingly sought-after oak.

Sezione di Briccola

This special wood has acquired over time an extraordinary strength and a recognizable spectacular nature. It is subject to a slow and careful cleaning and drying process, before being cut and sanded. A thin layer of ecological transparent varnish helps preserving its natural beauty. BRICALE™ guarantees that the used Briccola wood is salvaged from authentic Venice lagoon poles. A certificate of authenticity is supplied with each creation.

Italian high quality

BRICALE™ signs high value design furnishings, which are the outcome of a long and experienced Italian artisanal manufacturing.

Sezione di Briccola

Aesthetic attention, sustainability, detalis care and quality of materials are blended with our love for hand finishing.
Each single piece of Venetian Briccola wood is carefully selected under the supervision of our designer.
BRICALE™ project would like to stand out by creating something new, something beautiful, something of value that could enrich any kind of interior with a touch of exclusive design.

BRICALE™ "is the mouthpiece of a experimental great opening message to give a new life and a rebirth to natural materials of different origin. This recycle formula was born from the desire to recover and revalue artisanal traditions and important ever-present manufacturing cultures, passed down through the centuries in Venice and in Venetian Lagoon."

Elena Gollini, art curator and journalist