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BRICALE™ is the new brand of Italian luxury design furniture.
We combine elegance, innovation and sustainability with the beauty of a unique natural material: Venetian Briccola wood, salvaged from the historical wooden poles called "Briccole", which characterize the Venice lagoon since time immemorial.

BRICALE™, an authentic piece of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Venice.


We salvage the precious oak wood from the disused lagoon poles to enhance it and assuring it a new life. And its life is really new. From the sea, the historical memory of this special wood is preserved and continues on the mainland in BRICALE™ design furniture thanks to the creativity of the Italian architect Laura Cera. KERA Ecodesign™ is how she signs her works.


Each BRICALE™ creation is made with authentic Venetian Briccola wood. Its origin from Venice lagoon waters is guaranteed by the certificate of authenticity, which is supplied. BRICALE™ items are characterized by the irresistible timeless charm of the city of which they are witnesses.
Due to its nature, Venetian Briccola wood shows unrepeatable marks and unlimited shape variations. So each design work is truly one of a kind.

"The concept of non-serial work is pursued as a primary goal, to provide the user with an unrepeatable mix of precious realization on the generis".

Elena Gollini, Italian art curator and journalist


We combine the beauty of Venetian Briccola wood with fascinating design and with love for hand finishing. So BRICALE™ signs high value Italian design furniture. Artisanal tradition and experimentation in the use of materials are blended in a long and careful processing made by the experienced Italian timber company Samba srl, which belongs to ICM Compensati Group.


Our customers' aesthetic and functional requests are our priorities. Each BRICALE™ creation or new project can be custom-made upon request. During the purchase phase, we offer the opportunity to view and choose the Venetian Briccola wood sheets avalaible. Request your custom-made project or bespoke furnishing solution writing to info@bricale.com.


Venice, unique city in the world, suspended between two natural elements: earth and water. Two Venetian words represent them ideally. "Bricole" are the wooden poles immersed in sea waters and "calle" is the name that takes the road, indicating earth. From the union of these two words was born the brand BRICALE™ to identify the multifaceted creative project in which the noble Venetian Briccola wood is the absolute protagonist.